In business, what you don't see can mean disaster:  The hidden costs go straight to your bottom line, strangling your productivity and profits.

Successful businesses know that innovative thinking, fresh ideas and an independent perspective can shed light on your hidden costs.

Members of our Fleet Services management team are experts in revealing the hidden costs in operations. We have a proven Identify, Control, and Reduce, the cost of materials handling in your facilities.

  1. Fleet Audit
  First, we take a comprehensive look at your operation before we make recommendations. Our goal is a Fleet Audit Report that helps us quantify your material handling costs. During the audit we....
  • tour your facility and observe your materials handling vehicle operations
  • identify the fleet profile and establish responsibilities for vehicles
  • interview managers, supervisors and drivers
  • evaluate maintenance and repair procedures
  • calculate in-house mobile equipment utilization
  • audit total fleet costs
  • access drivers and maintenance skills
  • evaluate administrative procedures
  2. Cost Reductions
  After the audit, we recommend improvements that will reduce your costs immediately. We bring a fresh approach to your organization, with simple changes that make a cost saving difference....
  • improve individual vehicle applications
  • standardize the fleet fuel source, attachments and parts sourcing
  • evaluate complementary handling equipment
  • project "economic life" of your vehicles
  • provide innovative acquisition programs
3. Re-engineering the Fleet
We'll help you get better control of your entire materials handling. These changes drive down costs of the fleet already in operation....
  • change to planned maintenance programs based on measured vehicle use
  • improve productivity with driver and maintenance training
  • reduce parts inventory costs by "single sourcing"
  • improve flow within your physical environment
4. Long Term Fleet Strategy
Changes with a vision of the future. You make improvements that continue to reduce costs. We've got ideas that allow you to operate smarter, with fewer vehicles. Proven strategies include....
  • vehicle pooling to serve multiple areas
  • optimized dispatch and radio frequency data transfer
  • automate predictable and repetitive operations
  • A Fleet Services Manager dedicated to identifying, controlling & reducing your fleet
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